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Fujian Provincial Museum

Fujian Provincial Museum is located in Gulou District, Fuzhou. It was firstly built in 1933 and was originally called Fujian Provincial Science Museum. In 1953, it was renamed as Fujian Provincial Museum. Today the museum was built at a new site and the construction was completed in October 2002. The museum covers an area of 6 hectares with a construction area of 36,000 square meters. The entire building includes four floors, which is the most majestic cultural infrastructure project in Fujian. It is the National First-Class Museum. 
Construction features of Fujian Museum
The main building of Fujian Museum has unique marine culture characteristics, and at the same time, it combines the Fujian cultural features with Fujian ancient architectural styles.
The main building has a gable roof, which totem pole reflects the connotation of "Min" Chinese character. The square of the main building has the diffuse water patterns.
The museum is surrounded by water on three sides, reflecting the harmonious implication of the water in Chinese culture. Its design integrates traditional elements of the folk customs of Fujian.
Exhibitions of Fujian Provincial Museum
The exhibition area of the museum covers 15,000 square meters and consists of 15 exhibition halls, including 7 basic exhibition halls and 6 temporary exhibition halls. In addition, there is also the VIP hall, a conference room, a video hall, and a multi-functional academic lecture hall that can accommodate 345 people at the same time. Fujian Provincial Museum has nearly 170,000 pieces of the cultural relics and natural specimens, including more than 30,000 precious cultural relics.
The Splendid Civilization of Ancient Fujian completely shows the development process of Fujian Province from the ancient times to Ming and Qing dynasties, which spans for over hundreds of thousands of years. There are over 500 cultural relics in the exhibition, most of which are representative and precious. The exhibition reveals the mysteries of history through archaeological discoveries, supplemented by the introduction of historical books, pictures, scene restoration, tables and videos, to truly record the history of Fujian. 
Fujian Archaeological Achievement Exhibition shows the significant achievement of Fujian’s archaeology through the hard work of the archaeologists. Thousands of ancient ruins, ancient kiln sites, ancient tombs and ancient shipwrecks have been discovered and excavated. A large number of cultural relics have been unearthed and exhibited. The exhibition aims to promote the excellent traditional culture of Fujian and show the unique historical features of Fujian. 
Famous Chinese Painting Masterpiece Exhibition shows the exquisite works from the famous calligraphers from Fujian including Ye Xianggao, Zhang Ruitu, Huang Daozhou, Yi Bingshou, Lin Zexu, Chen Baochen, Yan Fu, Lin Shu, etc. It also presents the painting works from famous Chinese painting masters such as Wu Zhen, Shen Zhou, Wen Zhengming, Qiu Ying, Lu Ji, Dong Qichang, Lan Ying, etc.

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