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Former Residence of Chen Jinggu

Former Residence of Chen Jinggu is located in Cangshan District, Fuzhou City. It is the birthplace of Chen Jinggu, who is regarded as the Shuntian Virgin. The existing house was renovated in 2016, covering an area of more than 300 square meters, exquisite and elegant. 

Introduction of Chen Jinggu
Chen Jinggu was born on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month in 767 of Tang Dynasty. She went to Xiadu in Min County, Fuzhou. Chen Jinggu once learned the religious lessons from Taoist Master Xu in Lushan. When she finished learning, she killed the demons and evils all the way and helped people deal with the difficulties. She also accepted the disciples and spread Taoism.
The belief of Chen Jinggu is actually a national intangible cultural heritage, and a folk custom spreading throughout China’s coastal cities. Among the Chinese folk beliefs, Shuntian Virgin, Guanyin and Mazu are regarded as the three major goddess belief systems. Each folk belief reflects the good wishes and hopes of the local people.
Highlights of Former Residence of Chen Jinggu
Some buildings such as the main hall, Longquan Ancient Well, archway and main gate are preserved well in the residence. The flowers are blooming and the green bamboos are evergreen in the garden. The main hall has a wooden frame that enshrines the deity.
Longquan Ancient Well is located next to the main hall. The well is 2.8 meters wide and the vertical depth of the well is nearly 10 meters, cold and deep. According to folk legend, Chen Jinggu grew up by drinking the water from this well. 
Linshui culture also came into being from here. The believers also distributed all over the world and many pilgrims come here to worship all year round. Every year in March, the attraction holds the "Chen Jinggu Folk Culture Festival". During the festival, there are various colorful cultural activities such as dividing the cakes, sacrificial ceremony, cultural performances, and special activities to promote and spread the Linshui culture. Representatives of various palaces and believers from all over the world gather along the Minjiang River, to commemorate the goddess of Chen Jinggu together.

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