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Yantai Hill Park

Yantai Hill Park locates in Cangshan District, Fuzhou, south of Minjiang River. It has an altitude of 41.6 meters. It is the end site of the ancient central axis of the entire Fuzhou Old Town. Although Yantai Hill is not high with a small area, it has unique charm and leves historical memories. Yantai Hill Park was built in 1964, covering an area of 16,000 square meters. 
The name evolution history of Yantai Hill
In the Song Dynasty, the official name of Yantai Hill was Tianning Hill, or Tianchan Hill. In the Ming Dynasty, the official name was still Tianning Mountain, but people also called it as "Yancang Hill " and "Guapang Hill". 
According to the history, there was a salt warehouse in Tianning Temple on Tianning Hill. There some officers managed the salt affairs. The salt warehouse site of the Ming Dynasty is preserved well on Yantai Hill. 
During the Qing Dynasty, the Fuzhou government renamed it as "Tian'an Hill". After the Opium War, the tea warehouse, salt warehouse, rice warehouse, etc. were all moved to the foot of the mountain. Therefore, local people also called as "Cangqian Hill", which means that the hill situates in front of the warehouses.
During the Qing Dynasty, the beacon towers were rebuilt for the purpose of alarming, hence the name of Yantai Hill or Beacon Hill.
The cultural sites of Yantai Hill Park
As an important part of the historical and cultural Fuzhou City, the Yantai Hill Park has over 150 outstanding modern and historic buildings.
The park owns cultural relics, historical buildings, ancient streets, and historical water systems. It highlights the architectural characteristics of the 19th century combining the Chinese and Western elements together. 
Now, Yantai Hill Park has become a protection area in Fuzhou. The planned area for Yantai Hill is 53.22 square kilometers, among which Jiangxin Island Area occupies 5.94 square kilometers and Zhongzhou Island Area 4.23 square kilometers. The cultural relics in the hill have been repaired already. The park has become a new landmark of Fuzhou which is popular among the travelers. 

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