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Fuzhou Shopping Tips

Dongjiekou Shopping District


Dongjiekou Shopping District is a major commercial and shopping district of Fuzhou. The streets are lined with stores of all sizes, many of which offer good bargains. Book lovers can visit Xinhua Book Store for a wide variety of Chinese and English language books.


Wuyi Road Shopping District


Popular shopping district consisting of Xianshi Department Store, Fuzhou Shopping Center, Federal Department Store, Wal-Mart and many other retailers.


Bayiqi Road Shopping District


Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, Bayiqi is Fuzhou’s oldest shopping district. Its current name was given to commemorate Fuzhou’s Liberation Day, August 17, 1949. This comprehensive shopping district consists of South Street Shopping Street, Jintai Road Fine Clothing Street, Zhizifang Walking Street, Nanhou Street and Xianta Women’s Street.


Taijiang Road Shopping District


Taijiang Road Shopping District sells medium- and small-sized commodities (building supplies, clothing, and electronic appliances) and features a special flea market.


Zhongting Commercial Street


Zhongting Commercial Street features European style buildings alongside. Auchan Supermarket, Hong Kong Huanyu Department Store, Korea Commodity City and China Food City are just a few of the well known retailers in this commercial center. Clothing, furniture, electronics and textiles are all sold here.


Chating Commercial Street


Chating Commercial Street is a 6,000-meter long street stretching from the south of Yangtoukou Bridge to the north of Nanmendou. One of its buildings, Qilou, is a unique structure that adds to the street’s ambiance. The name Qilou literally means “building riding on top”. The building gives the appearance of riding above a passageway suspended on pillars. The street’s overall building arrangement is a harmonious fusion of western and Chinese styles. Once a cluster of handicraft shops selling horn combs, clay figures and lacquer goods, Chating Commercial Street has now flourished into a fascinating marketplace for all different types of handicrafts.


Zhongzhou Island Shopping District


Zhongzhou Island is located between Wanshou Bridge and Jiangnan Bridge. Today, the island is a commercial center resembling Shanghai’s Bund. It is the home of the largest small commodity wholesale market, Haixia International Clothing Wholesale Market. This is a great place for you to find women’s fashion brands, souvenirs, bags, hardware supplies and daily-use merchandise.

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