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Wuyi Square

Wuyi Square is located in Gulou District, in the southern part of Fuzhou City. It has become the political and cultural center of Fuzhou. There are many symbolic buildings around the square. It is also an important place for people to enjoy leisure activities. It covers an area of 4.5 hectares including a green area of 31,373 square meters. The flag-raising ceremonies of Fuzhou’s New Year’s Day and National Day are held here, bringing a strong political and solemn atmosphere. 
Development process of Wuyi Square 
Wuyi Square was a military training field during the Qing Dynasty. It was once a stadium after the Revolution of 1911. It has become the center of Fuzhou since that it was converted into a rallying square in the 1970s. 
Due to its geographical location and historic reasons, the social position of Wuyi Square cannot be replaced in Fuzhou City. By 1984, the government rebuilt the square into a political and cultural square integrating leisure and cultural activities.
Landscape of Wuyi Square
There is a musical fountain in the middle of the square. The group of 5-meter-high white sculptures has eight beautiful dancing girls in the pool, reflecting that people live happily in this city. 
There is a large stainless-steel sculpture erected on the south side of the musical fountain. The sculpture is the symbol of Fuzhou -"Three Mountains and One River", referring to Yushan Mountain, Wushan Mountain, Pingshan Mountain and Minjiang River. 
On the north side, there is a tall and solemn statue of Chairman Mao, with two horse sculptures on both sides. There are also the large banners of Deng Xiaoping Theory, which advocate people to build the prosperous city and encourage people to forge ahead.  
Dozens of famous paintings are decorated on the stainless-steel fences on the north side of the square, forming into a gallery along the street. The photos show the achievements of Fuzhou's in the past 20 years, and the public affairs which the municipal government did in each period.

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