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Pingtan Island

Pingtan Island is located in Pingtan County, east of Fujian Province, facing to Taiwan Island across the sea. It is the largest island in Fujian Province and the fifth largest island in China, nicknamed as the "Maldives" in Fujian. It is also q famous fisher base. There are 126 islands in the surrounding areas, offering beautiful and romantic coastal views. The island is also named as "Donglan" or “Haitan Island”. In 1992, it was selected as the Provincial Key Scenic Area. 
Pingtan Island has a long history. In BC 221 of Qin Dynasty, it belongs to Minzhong County. During the Western Han Dynasty, in BC 202, it belonged to the Minyue Kingdom. In 260 of Eastern Han Dynasty, it belonged to Huiji County. From Song Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, it belonged to Fuqing County. After 1949, Fuqing County and the surrounding islands were governed by Fuzhou Government. 
Ideal resort
The coastline of Pingtan Island stretches 400 kilometers, including 100 kilometers’ premium beaches. The seawater here contains organic substances such as manganese carbonate, potassium chloride, silicon trioxide, etc., which has high beauty and healing values. The erosion landforms on the island are typical and obvious, with rare granite sea erosion pillars, aeolian stones and spherical weathered granite.
The sand is smooth, fine and white while the sea water is clear and blue. The beach is open and wide with lush protective forests behind. Islands and reefs are scattered across the adjacent sea, forming an ideal place for vacation.
Delicious food at Pingtan Island
Pingtan boasts two unique snacks Xianshi, Oil Cake, and a variety of delicious sea food with Taiwan-style, such as Fish Noodles, Steamed Crab, Fish Ball, Razor Clam with Spicy Salt, Abalone Chop Soup and Oyster Cake. Tourists would never miss the popular staple food on the feast, Sweet Glutinous Rice.
Xianshi is a popular snack, also called as Shilai yunzhuan, which means that good luck is coming. The outer skin is made of sweet potato flour, with the filling of chopped shrimp, cabbage, seaweed, lean pork. After steaming for a while, you can taste a rich flavor freshly from the round steamed cake.
Oil Cake is similar to the fried dumplings, meaning the everlasting wishes and happiness. Its skin is also made of sweet potato flour, the same as the Xianshi. It is filled with sweetened bean paste, 8 fruits or nuts with granulated sugar, and then fried in oil. The sweet crispy flavor will leave you with a deep impression.
Pingtan Island is known for its kite beaches, which has host many international competitions like kite flying, island bicycle racing and sailing boats.

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