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Hot Spring Park

Hot Spring Park is located on Fuzhou Hot Spring Park Road. It is a leisure park in the European style. It was built in 1996 and opened to the public in1997. The whole park covers an area of about 10 hectares and is divided into two parts. The capacity of the lake has been increased to 80,000 square meters. Nowadays it has become a comprehensive park combing the ecology, landscape and drainage functions together.
Main attractions in Hot Spring Park
The northern area of the park is dominated by artificial landscapes, including the sago cycas area, camellia garden area, Osmanthus garden area, banyan garden, bamboo garden and rare tree area. The southern part includes the natural scenery including mountains, lakes, islands, waterfalls, trees, flowers and birds. 
Entering from the main entrance, the east is the Music Square that can accommodate hundreds of people at the same time. On both sides of the square are the lawns in typical European style shapes. The Music Square is the main venue for large-scale events. More than 30 large-scale celebrations, commemorative events, various cultural performances and concerts have been held here. It is also the venue where the tulip flower exhibition is held. There are about 300,000 tulip bulbs imported directly from the Netherlands. When the colorful tulips are blooming beautifully, the park almost turns into a sea of tulips. 
The Rose Garden has various kinds of roses from home and abroad, with different colors, which are attractive and delightful. There are more than 30 kinds of sago cycas in the ancient Sago Cycas Area, such as cycads, phoenix cycad, American cycad, and Thai cycad, among which the largest millennium sago cycas is more than 5 meters high. The Camellia Garden Area is planted with various precious camellia. The Osmanthus Garden Area has big and tall Osmanthus trees, which are unique and fragrant. Thirteen varieties of the bamboos are planted in the Bamboo Garden, quiet and elegant. More than 20 kinds of banyan trees are planted in the Banyan Garden, which are trimmed into various shapes. The Rare Tree Area introduces various rare trees such as ginkgo, Taiwania flousiana, Chinese yew, fir, cedar, pine needles, shamrocks, sylvestris, and maple trees. 
The white pigeons in the White Pigeon Square are introduced from Shanghai. Under the blue sky and white clouds, hundreds of white pigeons fly among the green leaves and red flowers in the meantime. People can feed the white pigeons around and stay closely to feel their cuteness. 
Fuzhou Hot Spring Museum is also located in the park. The museum is composed of the main museum building, the hot spring experience area, and the supporting service area. The total construction area is 20,000 square meters. The development and history of hot springs in Fuzhou are showed in details to people. 

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