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Haitan Ancient City

Located on Pingtan Island in Fuzhou, Haitan Ancient City is located in the beautiful Tannai Bay coastal tourist area. The ancient city was built based on Fujian and Vietnam marine cultures. 
It covers an area of 1,047 acres with a construction area of about 1.2 million square meters. The core area of the ancient city spans nearly 960,000 square meters. The auxiliary facility area covers 240,000 square meters. The construction project took five years to finish. Now the scenic area receives at least 3 million visitors annually. It has become a key cultural industry project in Fujian Province, and rated as the National 4A Class Scenic Area. 
Features of Haitan Ancient City
The Haitan Ancient City is devoted to display the culture of Mindu, South Fujian and Hakka cultures with thousands of years’ history. It aims to create a large-scale and comprehensive tourism building complex integrating food, hotel, tourism, shopping, and entertainment together.
In the ancient city, there are the large-scale restaurants and famous snack stores from Fujian and Taiwan. There are also the high-quality residences, five-star hotels and traditional courtyards with local features. There are also the special tourism commodity streets that collect the exquisite souvenirs from different regions. The theme parks, Matsu Temple, Confucian Temple, City God Temple, Ancient Administrative City, Escort, Huguang Guild Hall and Taiwan Guild Hall, and other leisure facilities will bring the tourists a wonderful tour experience. 
Haitan Ancient City intends to revive the native culture of Fujian and the marine civilization. The project chooses Chinese ancient architecture as the main style. It fully blends the traditional courtyards of the Ming and Qing dynasties with modern commercial core elements. It not only maintains the traditional appearances of the ancient city, but also creates a new image of Haitan. It fully demonstrates the continuity and diversification of urban development and ensures the long-term coordination between urban development and historical cultural heritages.
The facilities in the scenic spots are well-equipped with high qualities. The sea garden also performs ancient city arts with 5D sound and light effects. People can feel the charms of the sea culture in Fujian Province from many aspects.
Haitan Ancient City collects the essence of Chinese traditional architectural features, which makes it a famous place for appreciating the Chinese antique architectures.

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