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Luoxing Tower Park

Luoxing Tower Park locates in Mawei District, Fuzhou. Covering for 2.3 hectares, the park is well known for its ancient Luoxing Tower, which was built during the Southern Song Dynasty. 
History of Luoxing Tower
Luoxing Tower, commonly known as Moxin Tower, was built by Liu Qiniang in the Song Dynasty. According to legend, Liu Qiniang was deeply attached by the landlord because of her beauty. The landlord set a trap and slandered her husband. Her husband was put into the prison and was tortured to death. Liu sold all her belongings and built a stone tower here to pray and in memory of her husband.
During the reign period of Ming Emperor Wanli, Luoxing Tower was blown down by the strong wind. Later the famous scholar Xu Bo proposed to rebuild the tower. The reconstructed 7-floor stone tower is octagonal, with a height of 31.5 meters and a diameter of 8.6 meters. The arches were built on each floor. There are the stone railings and water drain outside. There are eight Buddha statues at the corner of the eaves, with bells hanging under the corner.
The tower stands on the top of the Luoxing Mountain, tall and solemn, straight into the sky. Originally the tower is a symbol of the ancient port navigation lighthouse. It was plotted on Zheng He’s nautical maps and the nautical albums in the early Ming Dynasty. It is also one of the internationally recognized important maritime navigation marks, which has the reputation of "China Tower". In the world post sector, it is called the Pagoda Anchorage. In the past several hundred years, all letters could be mailed to Mawei if they were written with "Tower of China".
Today’s Luoxing Tower Park
Through the archway at the entrance, the park has the lush plants and the scenery is pleasant. Several tall and ancient banyan trees, stay closely to each other, like a green city wall encircling the ancient towers. Climbing to the top of the tower, people can get a panoramic view of the port and the city. 
The downstream of Min River locates at the foot of Luoxing Mountain. The beautiful scene is just like a colorful painting. There are also the ancient forts on both sides of the river bank, where people can see the ancient battlefield of the Sino-French wars in history. The Sujiang Tower sits in the west, and the Wangjiang Pavilion in the south. There are also Zhonghun Pavilion, Mingchao Pavilion and Youyi Pavilion in the park.

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