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Jiangbin Park

Jiangbin Park locates in Taijiang District, Fuzhou. It is a large-scale riverside garden built by the Fuzhou government with huge investment. It is built along the Minjiang River with a total length of about 10.5 kilometers, which divides into two parks. The total area of the park is about 103 hectares. It is the largest urban riverside park in Fuzhou City. It is known as the "Bund" of Fuzhou.
Main attractions at Jiangbin Park
Jiangbin Park was completed in 1985. The park has various landscapes, including pavilions, squares, science galleries, flower gardens, amusement facilities, sculptures and etc. It consists of seven scenic spots, from west to east, Xihe Garden, Jinjiang Garden, Jinsha Garden, Wanglong Garden, Binfen Garden, Minfeng Garden and Minshui Garden. 
Although Jiangbin Park is not very large, the subtropical park has numbers of special sub-tropical plants, Nanyang cedar, betel nuts, acacia trees, banyan trees and osmanthus. On summer evenings, it is a good choice for people to walk along the riverside, feel the breeze and take a break. 
In the Binfen Garden, the large open-air theater is equipped with a modern music fountain, which performs the wonderful water shows with beautiful music. It can hold about 2,500 spectators at the same time.
The Mingyue Island, lying adjacent to Wanglong Garden, is a good place to enjoy the wonderful and attractive river sights and appreciate the moon at night. The huge embossed carving "Mindu Chunqiu", tells people about the history and culture of Fuzhou City. Moreover, people can swim and splash in the river on the three-hectare beach area.
With its unique Minjiang River Basin culture and the customs of Fuzhou, the park integrates hydrophilicity, ecology and artistry together. It becomes a public green space that meets the needs of citizens and tourists for leisure and physical exercise.

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