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Tanshishan Ruins Museum

Tanshishan Ruins Museum locates in Minhou County, Fuzhou. It was formally established in 1998. It covers an area of 1,460 square meters. It is the first museum in Fujian Province themed on the prehistoric Ruins. The museum exhibits the cultural relics of Tanshi Mountain unearthed over the past century. In 2004, it was recognized as the Patriotism Education Base in Fujian Province. In 2018, Tanshishan Ruins Museum was selected as the National Secondary Museum.
Introduction about Tanshishan Ruins 
Tanshishan Ruins is located on the north bank of the downstream of Minjiang River, 21 kilometers away from Fuzhou. The Ruins was discovered in 1954. So far, it has undergone nine times archaeological excavations. Ancient tombs, ash pits, trenches, pottery kilns, and some cultural relics such as pottery, stoneware, shells and bones have been discovered here.
Tanshishan Culture is named after the Tanshishan Ruins, which directly stretches to the coastal areas. Tanshishan culture has the distinctive marine cultural characteristics. It is the source of the marine culture in Fujian and Taiwan during the Pre-Qin period thousand years earlier. 
Exhibitions in Tanshishan Ruins Museum
The Tanshishan Ruins Museum relies on the prehistoric ruins to build a comprehensive museum that integrates museum, archaeological excavation and theme park. The museum takes the geographical advantage of Fuzhou City and presents the great values of history, science and tourism of the Tanshishan Ruins or Tanshishan Culture.
At the end of 2009, the renovation project of the museum was completed. The renovated museum fully enables people to experience the original scenes of the Ruins and learn the achievements of archaeological excavations.
The museum makes full use of the sculptures, simulated scenes, multimedia, pictures, text materials, sound, light, and other methods to vividly reproduce the daily scenes of five thousand years ago. It also reveals the social consciousness of Tanshishan people and shows the close connection between Tanshishan culture and the Neolithic culture. 
The exhibition in the museum reflects the social position of Tanshishan culture in the Chinese Neolithic culture as part of the Fujian's Minyue Cultures. 

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