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Sandiejing Forest Park

Sandiejing Forest Park locates in Jingxi Town, Minhou District, 23 kilometers away from Fuzhou. It is the National Forest Ecological Reserve in Fuzhou. It was founded by Minhou County Forestry Bureau in 2001. It covers an area of 106 hectares, which has convenient transportation from Fuzhou. 
Main attractions at Sandiejing Forest Park
Cailan Creek is the source of Jingxi River, the mother river of the ancient Tanshishan culture. Along the creek, there are the deep cliffs, clear water, green mountains and lush forests, reflecting the unique original landscapes. In addition, there are many beautiful scenes in the surroundings, including the waterfalls, deep pools, strange rocks, ancient vines and fragrant flowers. In particular, there is a large number of rare species wildlife. 
The Qishu Garden is quaint and quiet. The refreshing air in the forest is clear and lingering. The wonderful and picturesque waterfalls attract a lot of people all the year round. Among the green mountains, people could marvel at the supernatural craftsmanship of nature and its wonders.
Sandiejing refers to three pools in the park. Yanjing Pool has a small drop, which sound of the rushing water is clear and ringing. The Weng Pool looks like a natural stone cave, deep and mysterious. Longtan Pool is a newly-developed scenic spot in the park. The water crosses the mountains and forms the deep pool. Longtan Pool is like a white dragon surrounded by steep cliffs, which has a vertical drop of 40 to 50 meters, rushing out of the mountain straightly. 
There is a man-made stone path, with a slope of nearly 60 degrees, namely the Sky Ladder. The Sky Ladder is steepest place in the park. It has 322 steps. At the top of the ladder, there is a relatively flat platform for people to rest and appreciate the scenery.
Qingyin Waterfall is very interesting that people can hear the sound but can't see the waterfall. The water is gurgling and the sound of the waterfall is ringing.
The huge rock on the side of the Elephant Trunk Waterfall looks like an elephant trunk. There is a hole on the side of the rock, looking like an elephant’s eye. The waterfall stretches from the top of the high cliff to the bottom of the pool.

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