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Xichan Temple

As one of the national key temples as well as the first of the five Buddhist temples in Fuzhou City, Xichan Temple has been stood for over 1130 years and underwent natural disasters and warring damages in its long-term development since built in 867 of Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). Covering an area of 7.7 hectares, the temple is grand with 36 halls that all oriented south and north.


Xichan Temple was built by a great monk of Tang Dynasty, named Da An. Born in Fuqing County of Fujian Province, he was initiated into monkhood in his 24 in Qianyuan Temple, and then he visited in Jiangxi Province and later lived in Hunan Province for 30 years. After he got back to Fujian Province and completed the construction of Xichan Temple, his followers lived in the temple have reached 3000. He also was once awarded as a master with a purple Kasaya robe and Tibetan sutra by the emperor.


Today, relevant records still can be found in the well-preserved tablet inscription of Tang Dynasty in the temple. Later, another master of the temple, the abbot Hui Ji has planted 4 Litchi trees in the temple; the one in the west direction of which is still sturdy which has stood for over 1000 years. A memorial tower with a tablet inscription for him is also the important historical relic in the temple.


Opening Hours: 07:00 -18:00

Admission Fee: CNY 20

Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours

Type: Culture

Location: Fengwei Village, Yishan Mountain, only 1.5 km west of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province.

Transportation: on private coach or take buses No.14, 27, 39, 64, 91, 96, 97, 112, 113, 123, 128, 307, 317, 606, 701, 723, 812, 813, 941, 957, and get off at the station of Xichan Temple

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