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Rongcheng Ancient Street

Rongcheng Ancient Street is located in Yingzhou Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, adjacent to Taijiang Road to the south and Wuyi South Road to the north. It is also known as Rongcheng Food Street. There are more than 70 shops along the street selling handicrafts, daily necessities, tobacco, beverages, grocery, footwear and daily necessities. It forms a commercial street full of local characteristics of Fuzhou. The crowds of Rongcheng Ancient Street are endless, making it one of the most popular pedestrian streets in Fuzhou.
Development of Rongcheng Ancient Street
During the period of Republic of China, here was the sandbank of the river. Later people built the Lucheng Street, which is 293 meters long and 7 meters wide. At that time, the commercial stalls were arranged in close with heavy traffic. The surroundings were dangerous houses connecting with each other.
In 1990, the local government of Taijiang District raised funds to reconstruct and widen the road. The street is 18 meters wide with the length of 360 meters after the renovation. The total construction area is 10,645 square meters, nearly increasing 80% of the original area. A brand-new commercial street is formed since then. 
Features of Rongcheng Ancient Street
Most of the buildings on the street have the antique styles of Ming and Qing dynasties. The buildings have the eaves looking like magpie tails, glazed tiles, hanging bells, unique columns, and painted beams, which form a commercial street full of the local traditions of Fuzhou. 
Rongcheng Ancient Street also has a street of flavored food on its east side. The antique buildings, Yuanhong Food City and Yuanhong Food Restaurant gather more than 1,500 kinds of special flavors and cuisines from Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China and even the Southeast Asia. The local Fujian cuisines are worthy trying, which show the profound food cultures and local folk features. 
Its west side is the Tourist Street, which mainly sells the local tourism products and souvenirs with unique Fujian characteristics. 

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