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Fuzhou Zoo

Fuzhou Zoo locates in Fuzhou’s Jing’an District. Fuzhou Zoo mainly undertakes the functions of scientific research and popular science education of wild animals in Fuzhou. The zoo is divided into three categories according to the topography, landform, animal habits and the animals’’ popularity. Covering for 60 hectares, the zoo accommodates more than 1,000 animals of nearly 150 species. Here, numerous facilities for entertainment and service can be found here, such as the children amusement park and a pretty the viewing pavilion.
Development process of Fuzhou Zoo
In 1952, the predecessor of Fuzhou Zoo, the "West Lake Kaihua Temple Animal Corner" was opened. At that time, there were only a few boars, porcupines and monkeys.
In 1956, it was moved to the Dameng Mountain, which is the old site of Fuzhou Zoo. It was expanded into a zoo. At that time, Fuzhou Zoo was officially established. There were the monkeys, swans, beast, and some birds in the park. 
In 1966, more than 800 animals of 60 kinds settled down here, including lions, tigers, leopards, peacocks, and swans.
In 1981, the panda, elephant, hippo, bear and deer were introduced into the zoo. In 1998, the zoo planned to move to a new site, but due to financial problems, the relocation of Fuzhou Zoo was postponed. 
In 2006, the reconstruction work of Fuzhou Zoo was started, then finally completed and opened in 2008. 
Layout of Fuzhou Zoo
Fuzhou Zoo is divided into three areas: northern area, southern area and central area. The central area has the Science Education Museum, Swan Lake, Goldfish Gallery, Small Animal Area, etc. Here you can enjoy the white swans, black swans, pelican, white-fronted geese, mallards and other rare animals. The sea animal performances provide people the unforgettable memories. 
The Birds Paradise locates in the southern area, which has nearly 1,000 birds of one hundred species. There are many precious birds such as oriental white storks, peacocks, silver pheasants, and macaws. In the Beast Area, there are jackals, wolves, tigers, bears and other fierce beasts. Here, people can also appreciate the wonderful performances of tigers, bears, monkeys, camels, horses, sheep and birds every day.
There are the ungulates and primates in the northern area. The rhinoceros, goats, takins, alpacas, gibbons and black leaf monkeys can be seen there. In addition, there is also a special area for pets including dozens of favorite cats and dogs.

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