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Chen Su's Palace

Chen Su's Palace is located in Luoyuan District, Fuzhou City. It was firstly built in 909 during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. It was originally the Chen Family’s Ancestor Hall built by Chen Su. The ancient architecture has a history of a thousand years and has been rebuilt over the past dynasties. But the combination of the architectural styles from Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties within one palace is quite conspicuous in the Chen Sui’s Palace, which makes it the only one preserved in the southern China. 
Introduction of Chen Su
Chen Su was born in Henan Province in 831 of Tang Dynasty. He was diligent and talented since the childhood. Later, he went to Fujian Province with Wang Shenzhi. At the end of the Tang Dynasty, Chen Su moved south to avoid the rebellion. He and his family settled in Luoyuan District in Fuzhou since then.
Chen Su tried his best to spread the advanced agricultural production technology in the northern cities. He mobilized the local villagers to open up the wasteland to plant tea, mulberry and raise silkworms. He also set up a local school for the children to study. Therefore, Chen Su enjoyed a widespread reputation.
In 915, Chen Su passed away and the locals all commemorated him in Chen Family’s Ancestor Hall voluntarily. In 1239 of Song Dynasty, Chen Su was crowned by the emperor and a palace was built in front of the ancestor hall as the Grand Palace. Later, the palace was expanded and renamed as Chen Su’s Palace. The Chen Su’s Palace now consists of the gate tower, drama stage from Qing Dynasty, the side halls from Ming and Qing dynasties, and the main hall from Southern Song Dynasty with a construction area of 1,155 square meters.
Features of Chen Su's Palace
Chen Su's Palace is one of the three existing ancient Song Dynasty buildings in Fujian. Chen Su's Palace has been regarded as an "ancient architectural museum" by the local experts, which has the extremely great research and appreciation values. 
The entire building of Chen Su's Palace did not have any nail, but it has stood for thousands of years as a masterpiece by ancient craftsmen. Eroded by wind and rain, more than a dozen pillars in the main hall have been eaten by white ants. The local government allocated a huge amount of money for the palace’s restoration in the past years.
The main hall covers an area of 394.17 square meters. The roof and beams are huge and generous, showing the construction style of the Five Dynasties and Song Dynasty. The side halls were built during the Ming Dynasty, with an area of 180 square meters. 

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