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Zuohai Park

Zuohai Park is located in Gulou District, which is the largest park in Fuzhou. The park covers an area of 51.11 hectares, with the water surface of 18.14 hectares. The overall design is based on the theme of "Scenery of Five Continents".
Main attractions of Zuohai Park
Wuzhou Scenery Plaza faces to the main entrance. The square is dominated by the flower beds and huge granite sculpture groups. Each of the sculpture is made of granite. The sculptures include the various scenes including the Asian lute singers, the lion tamer girl in Africa, the kangaroo and girl in Australia, the horse-riding lady in Europe and the yak village in America. These artworks obtain the local distinct features.
There are 17 huge banyan trees planted around the plaza. The banyan trees are densely shaded. There are various other kinds of trees, including Araucaria, mango trees, osmanthus trees, wax plum flowers and Manila lawns.
Inside the square, there are some sculptures symbolizing the five continents. The Great Wall of China model is 365 meters long, 9.3 meters wide, and 6.5 meters high. The Sculpture of Journey to the West Art Palace is vivid and interesting.
In the east of Zuohai Park, there is the Water Entertainment World. It includes the sea world and the outside amusement area. With the investment of more than 50 million RMB, the entire exhibition area of Sea World covers more than 3,000 square meters. It consists of tropical rainforest hall, marine fish hall, seal performance hall, underwater world hall, audio-visual education hall, marine life science museum and service center. The Sea World collects the largest specimen of Chinese sturgeon in Fujian Province. 
There is the Ferris wheel outside, where people can get a panoramic view of Fuzhou city on the height of 50 meters. In addition, there is the archery hall, a music tea house and a fishing platform in the park.
The south part of the Water Entertainment World is a lake with several yacht marinas. Tourists could take cruise on the lake by pedal boats, motor boats or hand boats and view the beautiful scenery.
The most popular sites of Zuohai Park are the Asian Gardens and the European Gardens. The Asian garden obtains the exquisite gardens with the unique Japanese architecture features, which is also called as Japan Garden. A large red house in a typically English architectural style is located in the European Garden and the designers even recreated a small Venetian Canal. Besides, there are several popular exotic restaurants, such as "British Red House" and "Japanese Tatami", where people can taste the local cuisine of different countries. 

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