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Jinniushan Park

Jinniushan Park locates in Gulou District, which is a key project of the city planning in Fuzhou. With a total investment of more than 90 million RMB, it is the only modern park in Fuzhou. The park takes Jinniushan Mountain as the blueprint for construction and combines with Chinese and Western construction styles. The park is well designed by the experts from home and abroad. The park occupies an area of 130 hectares from the north to the south. Since it is built by the hillside, it is also called as the "green lung" of Fuzhou.
Main attractions at Jinniushan Park
The main gate of the park is composed of three inverted V-shaped steel frames, which means that the "three famous mountains" in Fujian are connected with each other. The "wave" at the top of the steel frame means the Minjiang River. The unique combination makes it looks like a legendary roc, which is soaring to the sky.
Jinniu Mountain is 163 meters above sea level. Dieshui Square is named after the spring water flowing one after another. The square covers an area of 5,400 square meters. There are many colorful trees and flowers planted in the square. Thousands of pots of chrysanthemums, tulips and convolvulus bloom in the wind. In addition, there are the overwhelming and huge banyan trees, mango trees, longan trees, birch trees, kapok trees, etc. All the plants form a shady and cool world.
There is a golden bull sculpture in the square. This powerful and sturdy golden bull sculpture was specially carved by Associate Professor Chen Ke of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The height of the sculpture is 8.8 meters, the length is 6 meters, and the weight is 6 tons. The entire sculpture is carved from the copper, golden and vivid. Around the Golden Bull sculpture, the Dieshui Square also has 6 kinds of laser water landscapes, such as "ring", "fog", "cedar", etc. 
Musical Fountains have 19 basic water features including "21st Century", "Walk Through the New Era", "Run Spring Matrix", "Fire Tree Silver Flower", "Century Rainbow" and "Panlong Baozhu". The height of the fountain can reach to more than 50 meters, and more than 130 lamp clusters are set up at the same time. With different styles of music, the streams and water scenes show the dynamic and dazzling scenes. In the dark, the fountain is colorful blending the lights and music with endless changes.

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