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Fuzhou National Forest Park

Fuzhou National Forest Park locates in Jin’an District. It is the first national forest park in Fujian Province, one of the top ten forest parks in China. It is the National 4A Class Scenic Spots. Fuzhou National Forest Park, formerly known as Fuzhou Botanical Garden, was founded in 1960. It covers an area of 859 hectares. 
Main attractions in Fuzhou National Forest Park
The park is embraced on three sides by green hills and one side by clear water, which is a comprehensive forest park for science research and sightseeing. The climate here is fairly mild in winter and rather cool in summer, making it a good place for tourism. Fuzhou National Forest Park collects varieties of trees in Fujian Province, and also introduces precious species from other provinces or countries. Today, more than 2500 species of trees could be found in the park. 
Fuzhou National Forest Park is divided into six parts: Arbor Garden, Bambusoideae Garden, Human Landscape Area, Longtan Scenic Zone, Forest Museum, and Birds World. 
Arbor Garden successfully creates an artificial ecological environment, where people can experience the tropical rain forest in the park. The Banyan King is the highlight of the garden, which is said to be planted during Song Dynasty (960-1279). Today, this Banyan tree has grown to be the largest one in Fuzhou with a height of over 20 meters and a coronal over 1300 square meters.
Bambusoideae Garden has the most species of bambusoideae plants reaching to 226 species. These species include the five famous tree species in the world, including the umbrella pine, hoop pine, deodar, golden larch and coastal redwoods.
In the Human Landscape Area, there is an ancient path built during the Song Dynasty. Zhengxin Temple, built in the Song Dynasty, added the Buddhist religion atmosphere to the park. The Ancient Tomb of Liu Bingru also sits here. Liu is the son-in-law of Lin Zexu, the great national hero during the Qing Dynasty. 
Located in the north part of the park, Longtan Scenic Zone is a typical zone featured with southern subtropical rain forest. With the important ecotourism values, it is a mysterious area full of brooks and waterfalls, bizarre peaks, rocks, stone inscriptions and jungles.
Forest Museum is the first museum in China themed in forest. Covering an area of 2,040 square meters, the museum exhibits the development process of forest and the relationship between forest and human beings. It also presents the diverse ecologic types, rich forest resources and the achievements of forest protection in Fujian Province.
Birds World is the only bird ecological tourism area in Fujian province. It covers an area of 16,667 square meters. About 5,000 birds of 150 species from different regions of the world live here, including rare and precious species. It is a bird paradise in China with the most varieties in the largest number of birds.

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