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Fujian Provincial Science & Technology Museum

Fujian Provincial Science & Technology Museum locates at Gutian Road, Fuzhou’s Gulou District. It has been open to the public since January 1993. It is a comprehensive science and technology museum integrating exhibition, education, academic exchanges, training experiments and scientific films together. 
The aims of the museum are promoting the scientific spirit, popularizing scientific knowledge, and disseminating scientific ideas and scientific methods to the public. Through popular science exhibitions, popular science popularization and other activities, the museum is regarded as the "National Science Education Base", and "National Youth Science and Technology Education Base". 
Layout of Fujian Provincial Science & Technology Museum
The museum covers for 1 hectare, with the construction area of 8,500 square meters. Among them, the permanent exhibition hall is 4,000 square meters containing more than 300 classic exhibits of various types. The exhibition areas divide into the basic magnetoelectricity area, virtual technology area, aerospace area and comprehensive technology area. 
These exhibitions focus on the prospective and orientated new contents, new technologies and frontier science. A large number of the film and television, photoelectricity and virtual technologies are used in the displays. More than 80% of the exhibits are available for the hands-on experience, which reflect the combination of science, knowledge and fun. 
At the same time, a 500-square-meter hall and a 150-meter-long corridor were built to show the glamour of 142 academicians from Fujian Province. It aims to promote the local elites in scientific and technological fields.
There are the provincial-level "Youth Science Studios", where teenagers can find and explore the computer robots, information technology, radio direction finding, aircraft model making and carpentry making. The contents and methods are continuously enriching. 
There are also the well-equipped and advanced academic lecture halls and training classrooms. The academic lecture halls in various sizes are holding the scientific lectures for the public all year round. The classrooms focus on education and training activities or lessons. 

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