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Luoyuanwan Ocean World

Luoyuanwan Ocean World locates in Luoyuan County of Fuzhou. It gathers eight major themed areas. The Ocean World is invested by the Century Golden Resources Group, which covers a total area of 12 hectares, and a construction area of 20,470 square meters. It is the National 4A Class Scenic Area. 
Overview of Ocean World
Luoyuanwan Ocean World integrates eight themed zones, including Coral Reef Zone, Kids Zone, Ocean Science Zone, Fancy Jellyfish Palace, Ocean Zone, Tropic Forest Zone, Amphibian Zone and Ocean Theater.
Luoyuanwan Ocean World is a large-scale multifunctional biodome integrating science education, interactive experience, observation and performance of aquatic mammals. The Ocean World has is listed as Luoyuanwan's protection base for aquatic wild animals as well as a science education base for teenagers in Fujian Province.
There are more than 70 marine animal’s display facilities in the Ocean World, showing more than 300 marine species to the visitors. There are 248 breeds of marine fishes and creatures, 54 breeds of freshwater fishes, more than 40 breeds of mammals and over 40 breeds of amphibian reptiles.
Introduction of the themed zones
From Coral Reef Zone, people can experience a wonderful ocean journey. There are the beautiful mangroves, a touch pool of starfish and crustaceans. People can see the marine creatures closely. There is a coral reef display area, where the horseshoe crab, starfish, sea horse, turtle, and hawksbill turtle could be seen here.
In the Kids Zone, there is a seal pool and a children’s adventure pool. Children can enter the wonderful and interesting adventure tunnel and feel the excitement and fun. A unique tank contains the lemon shark, nurse shark and seals swimming around. 
The Ocean Science Zone presents the rare and complete Brinell's skeleton specimen in China, which is 12.5 meters long. The wet and dry specimens such as aquatic animals, precious corals and ancient shellfish are also displayed in this zone. From the senses of hearing, sight, touch, people can learn the science knowledge of the ocean.
In the colorful Fancy Jellyfish Palace, people can see different varieties of jellyfish including the Pacific Striped jellyfish, Australian Spotted jellyfish, and Aurelia.
In the Ocean Zone, there is the subsea tunnel, which is 35 meters long, carrying 3500 tons of water, displaying 248 species of marine lives.
The Tropic Forest Zone is a large-scale Amazon ecological rainforest zone in China, covering an area of 7,000 square meters. It truly and completely restores the magic and magnificence of the Amazon jungle, providing people a rare chance to appreciate the rainforest in all directions.
In the Amphibian Zone, people can watch the distinctive amphibians closely in the Amazon jungle. More than ten species of the amphibian are showed here.
The Ocean Theater has a capacity of 1,500 audiences. Here people can appreciate the wonderful performances of dolphins and sea lions with fun. 

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