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Changshan Lake Park

Changshan Lake Park locates in Changle District, Fuzhou City. It covers an area of 8 hectares and the lake area covers for 5 hectares. Changshan Lake Park makes full use of the natural and geographical characteristics to reflect the local Changle customs, the historical and cultural connotations.
Main attractions in Changshan Lake Park
There are pavilions, towers, buildings, bridges, waterfalls, fountains, plazas, water platforms, sculptures, lights, mountain and stone carvings in the park. The buildings highlight the style and characteristics of Changshan Lake and show the harmonious coexistence of nature and art.
In the lake, there is a 12-meter-high main sculpture "Phoenix's Love", which symbolizes the willingness of the wanderers to return to their hometown eagerly. The small bridge and waterside pavilion have the simple and quiet features, leisure and tranquility, becoming a beautiful pastoral landscape painting.
On the bank of Changshan Lake, 66 poems by the famous celebrities and 34 stone carvings are carved on nearly a hundred natural stones. The celebrities praised Changle's mountains and rivers. There are also inscription works by Zhu Xi, Tang Yiliang, Liang Zhangju, Xie Zhangting, Zhang Yuanqian, Huang Qian, Zheng Xingzhi, Chen Liang, etc. When people walk around the Changshan Lake, they will be intoxicated by the beautiful lakes and mountains.
The shape of Changshan Lake looks like a huge blue dragon which perked up its head. The head of the dragon locates on the southwest of the lake while the northwest is the tail. The dragon is vivid and lively. 
Changshan Mountain is the soul of the park. A protruding mountain among the plain seems extraordinary. The stone paths up to the mountain is winding and zigzagging, unique and interesting. There are the blooming camellias, fragrance osmanthus, evergreen pines and various fruit trees on the mountain. The chirping birds make the mountain full of vigor. 
There is also a circular leisure platform on the Mountain decorated by dark-brown pebbles and off-white small ashlars. The arc-shaped wooden benches provide rest places for the tourists.  

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