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Gui’an Happy World

Gui’an Happy World locates in Lianjiang County, Fuzhou. It locates in Gui’an Xintiandi Leisure Tourism Resort, covering an area of more than 700 acres.  There are nearly 80 amusement facilities in the park. It is a super amusement park. It makes full use of the natural terrains with dreamy and beautiful decoration techniques. The modern leisure concepts and high-tech entertainment technologies of the amusement park bring endless surprises and extraordinary enjoyment to people. It is the National 4A Class Scenic Spot.
Main areas of Gui’an Happy World
Gui’an Happy World gathers nine fantasy themed areas. In the park, you can board the most magnificent spaceship in Asia and explore the infinite mysteries of interstellar voyage. Here, you can visit the most mysterious Egyptian tribes and experience the splendid civilizations of ancient Egypt. The thrilling experiences and confusing adventure legends in Gui’an Happy World allow you to travel through different eras and enjoy the happy time together.
Gui'an Happy World was fully upgraded in 2016. The second phase of the park was built based on the theme of marine culture, adding 38,000 square meters of the Ocean World and the Parent-child Fantasy Park.
The total area of the Ocean World is about 18,000 square meters. There are many rare marine lives from seven continents and four oceans accompanying you to explore the secrets of the sea. You can visit with more than 10,000 kinds of the sea creatures in a close distance. 
Newly upgraded Parent-child Fantasy Park covers an area of 20,000 square meters, containing more than 30 amusement facilities in the park. The programs include the pendulum, slide bubble pool, mini pirate ship, Christmas train, jumping frog, flying chair, small carousel, sea horse competition, sunshine farms, etc.
The 5D Dome Theater is also known as Traveling Through Space. It is a boutique project, designed by the top visual team in Hollywood to create a fantasy world across time and space. People don’t need any other equipment to watch the 5D movies but just to sit in a 3-story space capsule. From top to bottom, the huge screen reaches 35 meters high. People can experience the space travel with dazzling 5D special effects and feel the mysterious wonders of the primitive Jurassic, fantasy forest wonderland, vast interstellar space, fierce fighting battlefield and so on. 
The newly-built most fantastic 4D Family Theater uses the world’s most advanced three-dimensional digital film and television technologies. It integrates the four-dimensional special effects equipment, sound and photoelectric technology, and various environmental special effects equipment. It combines the vibration, falling, blowing, and other special effects were introduced into the 3D theater. The effects of smoke, rain, photoelectricity, bubbles, odor are carefully designed according to the scene of the film, so that the people can completely immerse in the realistic simulation environment. 

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