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Baijigou Scenic Spot

Baijigou Scenic Spot is located in Wutong Town, Yongtai County, which is 42 kilometers away from Yongtai County. It is a National 4A Class Scenic Spot. The core area of the scenic spot is about 2 square kilometers with an altitude of 680 meters. The planned protection area is 9.8 square kilometers. It is the largest green oak ecological protection zone in Fujian Province. 
In 2000, the unique natural Baijigou Scenic Spot was established and developed by the local government. In May 2006, it was officially opened to the public.
Wonders of various waterfalls
Baijigou Scenic Spot follows a gorge with a length of more than 1,000 meters. It is the subtropical rainforest climate here. There are plentiful water resources in the area, where the colorful waterfalls could be found in Yongtai County. The waterfalls have the big vertical drop, abundant flows and various shapes. 
There are lots of waterfalls in the scenic spot: Curtain Waterfall, Longgang Waterfall, Pearl Waterfall, Rainbow Waterfall, Ginseng Waterfall, Shuangshi Waterfall, Bailong Waterfall, and Sandiequan Eight Waterfalls.
Curtain Waterfall is 45 meters high and 5 meters wide. There is also a natural hole behind the waterfall, which is like the water curtain cave mentioned in Journey to the West. In the hot summer, standing in this hole, tourists can feel extremely cool. Looking out from the hole, the scenery outside is hazy, like a string of pearls hanging in front of the window. In autumn, there are many butterflies in various colors flying around the cave, so it is also known as Butterfly Valley.
The shape of Longgang Waterfall looks like a white dragon. The dragon’s head is upstream; the water flow is like the dragon’s body; the downstream is the dragon's tail. The waterfall forms a pond. According to the legend, the third son of the Dragon King was once practiced here. Thousands of years later, the Dragon King ordered him to return to the palace. Later, he discovered that this pond could be directly connected to the dragon’s palace.
Every day between 12 noon and 15:00 pm, as long as it is sunny, two colorful rainbows can be seen at Rainbow Waterfall, hence the name.
Dazhang Stream is from the mother river of Yongtai, which is originates from Daiyun Mountain. Here is the deepest part with the largest and most beautiful stone beach. The stream here is very wide and rapid.

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