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Jinjishan Park

Jinjishan Park locates in Jin’an District, Fuzhou, covering an area of 110 hectares, which is the famous mountain in Fuzhou. Jinji Mountain is a branch of the Beiling Mountains. It is like a huge green emerald, lying on the east bank of the Jinan River. There are many historical and cultural relics from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, which were unearthed continuously. It is the National 3A Class Scenic Area. 
History of Jinjishan Park
According to the ancient classic, the mountain has a shape of the golden rooster, hence the name of Jinji Mountain or Golden Rooster Mountain.
Jinji Mountain was developed in the Qin Dynasty. It is also said that when the immortal Li Tieguai passed by the east of Fuzhou, he saw a mountain bursting out of some gases. Li felt strange, so he fell down to the mountain to find out the reason. He then found a long and big rock, resembling like a "champion hat", which is commonly known as the "Jinji Cave" nowadays. He also discovered that some golden roosters were flying in groups near the rock. He then called this place as "Jinji Mountain".
In 1997, Jinjishan Park was open to the public. After 2003, the degradation of the environment in Jinjishan Park caused bad landscape and fewer tourists. The infrastructures such as gazebos, stone steps, and fences in the park were badly damaged.
In 2015, the park was upgraded and rebuilt. A large number of flowers and trees are planted and more human landscapes increase.
Main attractions of Jinjishan Park
Jinjishan Park still retains the original features of the natural mountains and forests. The good ecological environment with fresh air has attracted many rare birds to visit, including the rare national protected bird-Silver Pheasant.
At the gate of the park, there is the "Golden Rooster" sculpture group. The sculpture is 8 meters high including 19 vivid and various chickens standing on the rockery. Some of them are provoking and provocative; some are fighting. The sculpture group becomes the symbol of the park.
Shuanglong Temple locates in the eastern part. It was originally built in the Tang Dynasty. It collapsed due to the war and was rebuilt then. The temple has a statue of a Bodhisattva inside, which is 9.99 meters high.
Zhaotianjun Palace was built to commemorate Zhao Tianzhu, who devoted himself to the local people. People hung the red lanterns on the banyan trees and built the Zhaotianjun Palace in memory of this god. At the same time, the palace also expressed people’s wishes for peace and happiness.
Feihong Bridge is a new artificial landscape facility built in 2015. The bridge has a height of 20 meters, a width of 3.5 meters and a span of 60 meters.

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