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Qishan Forest Park

Qishan Forest Park locates in Minhou County, Fuzhou. It is 25 kilometers away from the city center of Fuzhou, which is suitable place for tourism and leisure. The total area reaches 3586.9 hectares. The mountain stretches for several miles, and the highest peak reaches to 775 meters above sea level. The natural forest oxygen bar, with green mountains and lush plants, forms the typical Lingnan style scenery. 
Wonderful natural environment
The climate of Qishan Forest Park is pleasant with plentiful rainfall. The forest coverage rate is 92%, making it a comfortable habitat for a variety of animals and plants. There are many rare and national protected plants, such as Taxus chinensis, spiny cypress, manglietia hainanensis, cedar and rattan view trees. 
Many rocky walls, creeks and lush forests make the park become an ideal kingdom for many wild animals. There are 261 species of the wild animals, including clouded leopard, python, cobra, monkey, roe deer, pangolin and etc.
Main attractions at Qishan Forest Park
In addition to numerous animals, plants and forests, there are many historical sites at Qishan Forest Park. 
There is a ropeway built against the cliffs in the park, with the slope of 70 degrees. This is the famous "Sky Ladder" of Qishan Forest Park. The total length of the Sky Ladder is more than 500 meters, which is a shortcut in the mountain. It is a narrow and steep way, which can only be passed by one person at one time. 
Wanfo Temple covers an area of 87 hectares, with a construction area of 25 hectares. The garden covers for 38 hectares, and the pond covers for 4 hectares. The main gate of the temple is 23 meters high and 60 meters wide. The height of the Main Hall is 30 meters high, with 12 blue stone columns in the front, with the exquisite dragon patterns. In addition, there are also the Tianwang Hall, Bell and Drum Tower, Dharma Hall, and Abbot Building in the temple.
Shisong Temple is located in the northwest of the mountain. It was built in 1010 of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The original name of the temple is Lingfeng Temple. Later, the monk Tian Shi planted the pine on the stone successfully, hence the name of Shisong Temple. The temple sits to the south covering an area of about 800 square meters. Only the Main Hall, West Hall and East Hall are preserved well nowadays. 
The Main Hall was rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty. It has five rooms and the Xieshan gable roof. It has the wooden structure and imitates the architecture style of Song Dynasty. It is the oldest Main Hall building in Minhou County. There are the stone monuments carved with the pine and crane patterns, which were built in 1134 of Song Dynasty. 

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