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Yongtai Tianmen Mountain

Yongtai Tianmen Mountain locates in Yongtai County, Fuzhou. It is one of the most famous National Water Conservancy Scenic Area in Fuzhou. Several brooks run through the valley with clear water. The bizarre rocks on both sides and numerous waterfalls form the picturesque scenery. The scenic area covers an area of 6 square kilometers, with the highest peak of 828 meters above the sea level.
Majestic scenes at Yongtai Tianmen Mountain 
There is a huge stone standing like the heaven’s gate in the mountain, hence the name. 
The mountain belongs to the Qingyunshan mountain range and it looks as the typically Danxia landform. Yongtai Tianmen Mountain is the karst landform with groups of peaks and canyons. There are wonders of stone forest on the cliff of the peaks of Tianmen Mountain. Moreover, with the moss spreading all over the ground, wild vines twining and twisting come into sight like the natural garden paradise. 
The stalactites in the natural "Guanyin" and other Buddha shapes in the underground river formed millions of years ago. They are exquisite, mysterious and vivid. 
The wildlife resources are rich in the mountain. The ancient old pines of hundreds of years, the Millennium vine of centuries, camphor, wild jujube tree and Alsophila yew are all rare to find. The monkeys, antelope, pangolins and other animals create a natural animal kingdom. 
There is also a large-scale temple sitting on the top of the mountain. The original Tianmen Temple here was built in the Tang Dynasty and it had been rebuilt many times in other dynasties. Tianmen Temple aims for imparting and inheriting Buddhist and Taoist culture. It has attracted a large number of pilgrims, which is quite well-known in Fujian. It is also called "the first divine mountain in the western part of Fujian Province", or “spirit of Fujian".
In addition, people can also experience the interesting drift passing in the mountains. Take the drift boat down the river; you can view the beautiful and quiet scenery on the two sides. The crystal and clear water on the rafting waterway bend ups and downs, forming the vertical waterfall of 4 meters high. The slopes of 50 meters long are thrilling but safe, full of passion, which will bring you unlimited fun and immersive experience. 
There are also many profound historical relics in Yongtai Tianmen Mountain. Many literati and scholars of the ancient dynasties wrote poems and articles to express their strong admiration to Tianmen Mountain. 
With the brand-new business concept, elaborate services, and complete supporting facilities, Tianmen Mountain has turned into a natural, ecological and international tourist resort with rich cultural connotations and high artistic values.

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