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Qingyun Mountain

Qingyun Mountain Scenic Area locates in Yongtai County, Fuzhou. The mountain is high, straight to the sky. The park covers an area of about 47 square kilometers with seven peaks with the heights of more than one thousand 1,000 meters. The highest peak reaches 1,130 meters. It is a comprehensive ecological tourist area, integrating canyons, forests, waterfalls, ancient craters, mountain pastures and bird nature reserves together. It is a National 4A Class Scenic Area. 
Main attractions of Qingyun Mountain Scenic Area
The beautiful mountains, dense forests, misty clouds, the bizarre rock caves and turquoise waterfalls make Qingyun Mountain more diverse and charming. 
Jiutian Waterfall locates in the northern part of the scenic area, which is one of the largest ladder waterfalls in Asia, with a drop of 588 meters, magnificent and unique. There is a "Jiushan Academy" surrounded by the stone walls of hundreds of meters, but the time of construction is unknown. There are many rocks that are formed naturally in different shapes surrounded, magic and interesting. 
Qinglong Waterfall is located in the northwest of the scenic area. It is splendid and has won the title of “First Waterfall in Qingyun Mountain”. Tourists could find the deep valleys, continuous waterfalls, unique stone caves and primitive forests in the mountain. The ancient and rare plants, spiny cypress tree, the hemlock and the yew add the charm of the scenic area.
White Horse Canyon is the longest canyon in the scenic area, covering a total area of 16 square kilometers. The mountain is steep and the water flows meanderingly. Each of the eight small canyons has different characteristics. The White Horse Waterfall has a height of more than 130 meters. The White Horse Lake is just under the waterfall, covering for 2,000 square meters. The lake is so clear as a mirror. There, people can also see the groups of wild monkeys running around. 
The first Original Botanical Garden is also called Vine Valley. At the mouth of the valley stands a cliff, together with many ancient pine trees. A brook runs through the valley, winding and flowing, forming a pond. The lion peak, the tiger mountain, the elephant mountain, the Diwang cave, the lover's cave, the feilong tree, the Buddha waterfall, and the Tiantan waterfall are all enjoyable and attractive. 
Red Army Cave is an artificially modified natural rock cave. It was one of the places of the guerrillas in Fujian. The hole is semicircular, about 25 meters high and 24.5 meters wide, and there is a wall made of gravel at the entrance. The cave is about 30 meters deep, and there are 4 layers of the platforms made of stones.

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