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Qingxiu Mountain

Qingxiu Mountain is a beautiful and picturesque travelling place located in the city of Nanning. Sitting 5 kilometers southeast away from downtown, the mountain borders the Yongjiang River. The fresh air, blue sky and green mountain make Qingxiu Mountain an ideal place to travel for those suffered from haze and sand. Therefore, Qingxiu Mountain is also known as the “green lung” of the city.

Qingxiu Mountain is made up of 18 peaks including Qingshan Peak and Phenix Peak. The range covers a total area of 4.07 square kilometers (about 1.6 square miles), including water area of 14,667 square meters (about 17,542 square yards) and greenbelt area of 25,000 square meters (about 29,901 square yards). Thanks to several lakes and emerald green trees, Qingxiu Mountain is the primary source of fresh air for the downtown area of the city. Accordingly, it earned the name 'the lung' of Nanning.

The main sights in the Qingxiu Mountain are ancient Longxiang Tower, Cycads Garden, Tianchi, Yaochi, Sanbao Hall and Thailand Garden, etc. Each of them deserves an essential visit.

Qingxiu Mountain was originally named Qingshan. On the top of the mount stands a pagoda, Longxiang Tower, which is the symbol of the mountain. The tower was built during the Ming Dynasty and restored in 1986. The pagoda retains the architectural style of Ming Dynasty; inlaid with green bricks and tiles and featuring a 9-tiered octagonal exterior. From the pagoda, the vista is magnificent, overlooking 20 li (about 6.2 miles) and a panoramic view of Nanning City. Every time the wind blows, you will hear the waves through the lush forests. Qingxiu Mountain pine waves are famous in the region.

Qingxiu Mountain is a stress during the development of Nanning City. In addition to the saving and restoring of the historic sites, some new sights were established. Thailand Garden is the fruit of the exchange and cooperation between Nanning and a city of Thailand, which was designed by a Thai architect. Strolling in the garden flavored with Thai accents, you may taste the exotic glamour. Meanwhile, it is convenient that there are cable cars for you to appreciate the landscape of lakes and mountains.

Besides, there will be several festivals and activities held at Qingxiu Mountain. The Qingxiu Mountain Peach Blossom Festival exhibits lots of flowers in spring, which would attract tens of thousands of tourists. And the Qingxiu Mountain Spring Festival Temple Fair is also largely welcomed by the local people. Quantities of folk performances would be seen at the temple fair, so this is a great chance to get to know local culture.

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