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Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden

The Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden sits in Xiangzhu Street, Nanning, Guagnxi Province. Covering an area of 202 hectares, it is one of the largest botanical gardens in the country. Established in 1959, the Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden has collected and conserved over 5,600 medicinal plants, over 100 of which are precious and threatened plants.

The Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden is divided into seven parts, including Guangxi specialty areas, drug efficacy, shade plants, woody drugs, herbal medicines area, climbing drug area and medicinal animals’ area. Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden has a wide range of collections from southern medicinal herbs to northern ones, special local herbs as well as herbs outside Guangxi and China. Visitors are able to get to know more about the traditional Chinese herbal medicine and specialty products, local products in Guangxi medicinal materials, as well as some good medicinal plants therapeutic effect of excavation research at home and abroad. The Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden takes full advantage of the rich resources of Chinese herbal medicine in Guangxi province. The “Sickness Treatment Gallery” contains all the plants used in prescriptions from this ancient text and then displayed in accordance with treatment areas of the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine nowadays is widely spread around the world, and the Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden is just the perfect place for visitors, especially foreign visitors, to see the medicinal material by their own eyes and have a better understanding of traditional Chinese medicine. A visit in the garden will reward visitors with abundant medicine knowledge as well as the pleasures of plants' beauty.

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