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Wuxiang Square

Wuxiang Square is located in Langdong New District in Nanning. It is also named as Jinhu Square. It is Nanning’s first modern commercial complex plaza, which is based on the theme of ecological leisure. The square was completed in 2004, with the total area of 77,919 square meters. The landscape area covers for 58,913 square meters. Wuxiang Square is an important symbol and landmark of Nanning, which attracts visitors the most. 
Features of Wuxiang Square
Wuxiang Square is divided into two parts by Minzu Avenue. The main buildings of the North Square are the Wuxiangquan Sculpture, UFO Star Bar, and the fountains. The South Square is paved with granite. The main buildings include the rotating pool, bookstore and book market.
The Wuxiangquan Sculpture is one of the landmarks in Nanning. It is surrounded by the tall and fashionable office buildings. The sculpture is based on the folklore in Nanning. Nanning has been known as the Elephant City since the ancient times. The elephant symbols lucky and power. In the ancient times, there are five elephants on the outskirts of Nanning, who came to the world to eliminate the wild beasts and poisonous insects, and protect the local people. However they were changed into rocks after violating the gods from the heaven. 
Another famous legend is about Wuxiang Ridge. According to legend, in the Warring States Period, Emperor Qin Shi Huang brought five elephants from Lingnan area to manage the floods in the south and ensure the city’s safety. But the five elephants stopped walking when they were approaching Nanning. Qin Shi Huang patted the elephant's buttocks but useless. He couldn't help being furious. He woke up and found it was just a dream. 
The awakened Qin Shi Huang dubiously sent people to the south to ask for the news to find out that 5 more elephant-like mountains appeared in the south. Since then, the floods in Nanning have decreased magically. So, Wuxiang Ridge or Five Elephants Ridge has become an auspicious image to protect Nanning.

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