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Longhu Mountain

Longhu Mountain Natural Reserve locates in Long’an County, 83 kilometers away from the northwest Nanning. It was firstly established in 1980, and was qualified as the natural reserve of Guangxi in 1987. The whole attraction covers an area of 220 square kilometers. It is also the birthplace of Taoism in China. It is the comprehensive nature reserve and rated as National 4A Class Scenic Area. It is regarded as one of the "Four Monkey Mountains" in China. 
Highlights in Longhu Mountain Natural Reserve
Longhu Mountain Natural Reserve mainly has the rare medicinal herbs, also includes the national plants like Garcinia paucinervis, Cephalomappa sinensis, pubipelata, Burretiodendron hsienmu, etc. There are also wild animals like the Francois's Leaf Monkey, Macacus monkey, Python molurus, pangolin and champion toucan on the mountain.
Longhu Mountain is also featured by the typical Danxia Landform. There are 24 cliffs, 99 peaks, 108 natural and cultural scenic spots, and over 20 ancient wells and pools. Luxi River flows from south to north like a jade ribbon, surrounded by scenic hills and springs.
There are over 3,000 monkeys of 8 varieties in the mountain. Each monkey has its own unique skills, such as walking a tightrope or hanging upside down. Here, people can have close contact with the monkeys at any time, take pictures with the monkeys and enjoy the harmony between man and nature. 
Zhenxian Temple is one of the earliest Taoist temples in Longhu Mountain. It was built during the Tang Dynasty. It is a place where tourists come to worship. In Song Dynasty, the Taoism in Longhu Mountain became prosperous gradually. The Shangqing Palace and Zhengyi Temple are the most famous. There used to be 10 Taoist Palaces, 81 Taoist temples, 50 Taoist courtyards and ten nunneries in the mountain when the Taoism was flourishing. However, most temples were destroyed or ruined in the past. Tianshi Mansion was a preserved building which is used to worship Celestial Master Zhang, who is a Taoism Immortal. 
The "Vine World" is covered with the towering and ancient trees and tangled vines. The mysterious and strange vine world shows the natural and primitive subtropical rainforest landscape.

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