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Chinese Jasmine Garden

Chinese Jasmine Garden is located in Heng County, Nanning City. Heng County is regarded as the "hometown of jasmine" in China. The jasmine production output and tea processing volume account for 70% of China's total output and even 50% of the world's total output. The famous and popular song Jasmine Flower praising the beautiful jasmine of Heng County has become a symbol song of China. 
Themed tourism project in Chinese Jasmine Garden
From April to November each year, the gardens are filled with the white and flawless jasmine buds, wafting with a refreshing and faint fragrance. The jasmine flowers attract about 600,000 tourists from home and abroad to Heng County every year. Heng County combines commerce and tourism together, and launches the themed "Jasmine Journey" from three aspects to promote the rapid development of the tourism industry.
Culture is the soul of tourism. Heng County has a long history of jasmine cultivation. The jasmine industry has become a pillar industry in Heng County. Jasmine has been deeply linked with the lives of Heng County’s people. Tea and flower cultures are both the elegant cultures in China since the ancient thousand years ago. Heng County combines these two cultures together to form its own unique Scented Tea Cultural Tourism. The tour focuses on the warm, romantic, and noble quality of jasmine flowers, integrating the unique jasmine culture into the tours. Also, a series of activities about flowers and tea are provided to tourists during the tour.
Heng County has the outstanding competitive advantages in the featured agricultural tourism resources. The fresh air and beautiful environment, make it an ideal place for the Agricultural and Leisure Tourism. The county carries out some leisure activities with the theme of jasmine, so that tourists can devote themselves to the sea of jasmine flowers.
The annual output of jasmine in Heng County reaches to 60,000 tons, forming a local characteristic scented tea industry. The county has 186 formal scented tea enterprises. Among them, the Southwest Tea City has become a famous tea distribution center in southern China, which has a larger scale and brand effect. Heng County has appropriately developed the Jasmine Industrial Tourism. The merchants and tourists can see and learn the colorful jasmine varieties from all over the world in the gardens, learn about the whole process of jasmine planting, management and processing, and also taste various teas and jasmine foods.

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