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Guangxi Science and Technology Museum

Guangxi Science and Technology Museum locates in Qingxiu District, Nanning City. It was built in 2008. It covers an area of 14,655 square meters, with a total construction area of 38,988 square meters. The museum has the theme of "Exploration, Technology and Innovation". It has the great significance for improving the public's scientific and cultural qualities, promoting the social, technological and economic development.
As a modern science popularization venue and youth science and technology activity center, Guangxi Science and Technology Museum has become the leader of Guangxi’s science popularization education and a window to showcase Guangxi’s local customs. It has also become an important platform for China and ASEAN countries to carry out science and technology exchanges, science popularization activities and youth science education.
Exhibitions at Guangxi Science and Technology Museum
The entire architectural design of Guangxi Science and Technology Museum incorporates the essence of Guangxi's local ethnicity and culture. Geographically, it looks like the Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin, Moon Hill in Yangshuo or Pearl Shellfish in Beihai. In terms of ethnicity, the design adopts the most distinctive and representative patterns of Guangxi bronze drums and ethnic costumes, making it look like a giant wing.
There are four floors in the museum. The first floor is the temporary exhibition hall, covering for 2,400 square meters, where the scientific and academic exhibitions are regularly held. The second, third, and fourth floors of the museum are the permanent exhibition halls. The area is about 20,000 square meters in total and divided into seven areas including children's playground, scientific exploration, environmental survival, life and health, information center, challenge and innovation, and future prospects. About 510 exhibition items are shown to the public.
There are two special high-tech cinemas in the museum, including the dome cinema and the 4D dynamic cinema. 
The dome theater covers about 250 square meters with 166 seats totally. It has the laser 8K dome of 18 meters in diameter. In the theater, people can look up to the hemispherical screen to watch the clear digital dome movies, appreciate starry sky and astronomical phenomena, and enjoy the unparalleled audiovisual realm.
The 4D dynamic theater covers about 60 square meters and can accommodate 38 people. The 3D stereo images, three-dimensional dynamic special effects seats and environmental special effects such as rain, water spray, wind, smoke, firelight, etc., make people truly feel vividly as if they were in the real scenes. 

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