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Xinxiu Park

Xinxiu Park is located in Xixiangtang District, Nanning City. It was established in December 1992, and occupies a total area of 13.77 hectares. Among them, the green land covers for 11.93 hectares, the water area covers for 1.56 hectares and the greening rate is 86.7%. The park is designed mainly based on the natural ecology especially focusing on beautiful Kuihu Lake. There are boutique gardens and children’s amusement parks in Xinxiu Park. The subtropical scenery, rare flowers and trees in the park form the evergreen landscape throughout the year. The quiet, fresh and natural environment of the park is suitable for people to rest and excursion.
Main attractions in Xinxiu Park
The main scenic areas in Xinxiu Park mainly include the sports fitness area, Kuihu Lake area, children's amusement area. The sports fitness area has more than 60 sets of the various fitness equipments.
Kuihu Lake area is located in the middle of the park. There are more than 600 palm sunflower plants of 10 varieties planted on the shore of the lake. The lake is sparkling while the shores of the lake are surrounded by the lush and shady palms. There are some ethnic-style wooden houses around the lake. Citizens could relax and entertain at the corridors, pavilions and towers in the park. There is an underground water outlet next to the pavilion of Kuihu Lake, which provides children a dreaming place to play water in summer. 
The children's amusement area is located in the west of the park, covering an area of 3 hectares, obtaining 15 groups of children's amusement facilities. 
After numerous design and experimentation, the large lawn in Xinxiu Park has been upgraded and transformed, which is more than 3,000 square meters. The park focuses on creating the greenery sculptures used banyan, crape myrtle, and mulberry trees with some flowers. Through the three-dimensional forms, the garden landscapes largely enrich the different layers of artistry.
The bonsai garden is located on the east side of the park, with a total area of 2,028 square meters. The garden is divided into four functional areas, namely the viewing area, the popular science display area, the rest and exchange area, and the scientific research and cultivation area. It is built with Lingnan article features.

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