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Phoenix Valley

Nanning Phoenix Valley locates in Xingning District, Nanning City. It is the National 3A Class Scenic Area as well as an agricultural tourism demonstration area in Guangxi. Nanning Phoenix Valley is located between the two mountains. The mountain on the left is called Tiger Mountain, because its shape looks like a tiger. The mountain on the right looks like a phoenix drinking with its head down; hence the name.
Legend about Nanning Phoenix Valley
The most attractive thing about Nanning Phoenix Valley is its primitive mountain forests, clear streams and quiet valleys. The various legends about the valley are also very fascinating.
According to legend, long times ago, three phoenixes flew to Nanning from other places, one stayed in Qingxiu Mountain, the other two were fascinated by the beauty of Nanning Phoenix Valley and stayed there. Since then the, valley began to have vitality and vigor. The water has been flowing for thousands of years and the trees are evergreen and lush. 
Another legend about the valley is that there was once a village on the edge of Phoenix Valley. It is said that in the late Qing Dynasty, Princess Guangde of the Ming Dynasty took refuge in Nanning and was hunted down by the Qing soldiers. She and her entourage fled to the Xiahuang Village in the mountain along the Phoenix Valley. They were exhausted and stayed in the local villagers’ house for relax. After the soldiers approached them, Princess Guangde’s fled towards Wuming City. The soldiers chased up and asked the villagers where the princess was going. None of the villagers revealed the whereabouts of Princess Guangde. Later, all the villagers were killed by the soldiers, and the village became the desolate village. 
Beautiful Nanning Phoenix Valley 
Nanning Phoenix Valley is mainly characterized by the natural river valley landscape and original ecological mountain landscape. It is a comprehensive tourist destination integrating mountains, water, rocks, streams, rare plants, customs, history and culture together. The scenic area covers an area of more than 1,000 acres and its river valley is 5 kilometers long. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, the streams, springs and ponds in the valley. The winding paths, waterfalls, strange stones, green vines, birds, flowers and bamboos form the quiet and elegant environment.
Entering into the gorge, there is a pool with streams at two directions. The water flows out of the valley slowly, and then flows into Sitang Pond and joins the Yongjiang River. This stream is called Sitang River. There are clear water ponds along the valley nearly every 100 meters. On both sides of the stream, there are the strange rocks of different shapes. 

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