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Nanning Flower World

Nanning Flower World is located in Wuming District. Flower World is a comprehensive tourism and leisure resort integrating ecological sightseeing, popular science display, conference affairs, outdoor fitness sports, and flower production and sales. There are many main attractions in the Flower World, making it a good leisure place for tourists. The park was built in 2003, and officially opened to the public in 2005. The park covers an area of 7,300 acres.
Main attractions in Nanning Flower World
The Entrance Plaza of the scenic spot is wide and broad. A special fountain is located in the center of the plaza. The newly-built tourist ticketing center, office area, catering area and other buildings at the gate are unique in shape, like a few red petals. 
Aegean Bay has the romantic features and style. The coconut trees are tall and straight. The European-style church stands in the center of the big and green lawn. A white and clean sand beach is connected with the lawn, creating a romantic and warm atmosphere. Some couples even choose it as an outdoor wedding place. Tourists can spend the holidays, go camping and play on the beach at the elegant and beautiful Aegean Bay. 
The Large Grassland covers area of about 120,000 square meters, which is constructed according to the standard of the golf course. The grassland is dense, neat and evergreen. There are also many sculpture groups of sika deer, elk, cows, goats, cranes and other animal shapes.
The Fengyu Bridge is one of the unique buildings in the Flower World. The whole bridge uses no iron materials but the wooden tenon instead. On both sides of the bridge are the Tianfu Pond and Bihe Pond, where the lotus flowers are blooming in fragrance.
The Huashan Plank Road is located on the edge of the Aegean Bay. The plank road winds from the foot of the mountain to the top so that people can follow the plank road to reach the mountain top step by step. The leisure pavilion on the top of the mountain is a good place to view the beauty of the entire park.
Bougainvillea Flower Garden is the largest specialized garden in Nanning. The garden is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The garden also has the linden, rubber ficus, phoenix tree, golden ficus, and southwestern manjusri, forming the beautiful scenery.
Happy Barbecue Area is the good place for people to get together for barbecue and taste the delicious food. The barbecue area is equipped with fixed stoves, smokeless stoves, various barbecue appliances and mahjong tables. The sports venues for basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton are also set in the area. It is suitable for family gatherings, couple dating, and group team building.

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