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Liangfengjiang National Forest Park

Liangfengjiang National Forest Park is the earliest national forest park in Guangxi, which covers an area of about 4,670 hectares. It is located in the southern suburbs of Nanning City, 7 kilometers from the city center. The park is surrounded by mountains and lush trees, with the beautiful natural scenery. In 2001, it was recognized as the National Forest Park. Now it is the National 3A Class Scenic Area and the Top Ten tourism area in Nanning. 
Main attractions at Liangfengjiang National Forest Park
Liangfengjiang National Forest Park has the tropical monsoon climate with the hilly basin landscape. The park has the subtropical plant species. Among the total of 1,294 species, 85 species are under the national protection, making it a big plant garden in South China. 
Liangfengjiang has one of the biggest Banyan trees in the world. The tree’s roots are very similar to two children standing side by side. It is said that Buddha Sakyamuni pondered for 48 days under the Banyan tree and then he founded Buddhism. The Banyan tree thus became the holy tree of Buddhism. Nobody knows the exact year when this Banyan tree was planted. 
Fengjiang Green Field is known as the "Plant Kingdom", has the themes of science, ecology, and leisure. This scenic spot is Guangxi's largest tree specimen garden, with more than 1700 species in the garden. It is an important base for plant introduction, scientific research, teaching and internship. The garden has a large number of the rare and endangered plant species and landscape, with the precious ornamental values and scientific values. Here people can enjoy a variety of forest wonders and enjoy the fun of nature.
Here the Amusement World has the latest American-style forest battle field. People can "fully armed" and enjoyed the excitement. People can take a raft trip in the river, enjoy the natural scenery and admire the rare wild plants. People can also explore the mysterious valley and enjoy the endless fun of traveling through the jungle. The theme of this amusement area focuses on ecological entertainment. There is the grass-skiing base, which is the only one in Guangxi as well as the second largest in China. The feeling of flying with high speed will bring you an unprecedented and unforgettable experience. 

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