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Daming Mountain

Daming Mountain locates in Nanning’s Wuming District, 70 kilometers away from Nanning’s city center. The mountain has an arc-shaped mountain range, extending for 150 kilometers and nearly 25 kilometers wide from east to west. The mountain has an average elevation of 1,200 meters. Its main peak, Longtou Mountain, is 1,760 meters above the sea level, which is also the highest peak in the southern Guangxi Province. 
Main attractions at Daming Mountain
Daming Mountain is majestic and grand, which is a green pearl in Guangxi Province. It is rich in animal and plant resources. There are the primitive forests, a variety of rare creatures, endemic species and ancient strata in the mountain. It is an original ecological oxygen bar as well as a huge natural and biological museum. In Daming Mountain, people can see the large lawns, waterfalls, canyons and other natural landscapes. It is suitable for tours in all seasons.
Daming Mountain has 108 waterfalls, among which the largest one is Longwei Waterfall, followed by Jingui Waterfall. The Longwei Waterfall has a vertical drop of 136 meters. The waterfall flies straight down from the high place with thundering noises. The clouds and mist rush towards to people, like a giant and swinging dragon. Under the oblique sunlight, the colorful rainbows appear.
Jingui Waterfall has a drop of more than 60 meters. In the center of the pool, there is a big rock shaped like a golden turtle, crawling in the water. The amazing thing is that no matter the situation you are in the valley, you will see the turtle pointing to the way out of the valley; hence the name "Golden Turtle Guide". The waterfall pours down from the precipice, splendid and attractive. 
The Ganlan Grand Canyon is a typical epitome of various canyons in Daming Mountain. The canyon is majestic and beautiful. It is the longest canyon in Daming Mountain, which is 17 kilometers long, 500 meters deep and 1,200 meters wide. The canyon has the well-preserved virgin forests, a wide variety of wild lives and strange rocks, forming the ecological and beautiful scenery.
There is a platform called Xianren Platform, which is said to be a place where the fairies once practiced, sang and danced in the ancient times. This platform faces to the cliffs on three sides, just like a castle in the sky. Here, people can experience the mystery and great momentum of Daming Mountain. 
Feiying Peak is the second highest peak of Daming Mountain. Looking down from the top of the mountain, you can find the peak like an eagle spreading its wings, hence the name as Flying Eagle Peak in Chinese. It is a good place to view the panorama views of the mountain, especially watch the sunrise and sunset among the sea of clouds.

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