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Xijin Lake

Xijin Lake Scenic Area is located in Heng County, Nanning City. It is the largest inland lake in the southern China. The lake is more than 100 kilometers long from east to west and about 1,400 meters wide from north to south. The mountains of Xijin Lake Scenic Area stretch like the green curtains. The lakes and mountains are connected continuously. Now, it has been developed into a large-scale countryside scenic area for sightseeing, leisure and vacation.
Attractions in Xijin Lake Scenic Area
According to the project, Xijin Lake Scenic Area is divided into five major scenic spots, including the lake sightseeing area, peninsula resort area, power plant sightseeing area, ecological recreation area, and fitness and entertainment area. It integrates knowledge learning and entertainment together. The rich and colorful activities in the scenic area can be used for industrial tourism and the patriotic education.
At the same time, at the Xijin Power Plant, people can see the entire process of hydroelectric power, and also learn about the navigation principles of the ship lock, the principle of hydrometeorological observation, and other industrial knowledge. Xijin Power Plant is located on the banks of the beautiful Xijin Lake. Its construction history proves the self-reliance and hard work spirit of people in Guangxi, making it a milestone of the Guangxi's industrial development.
Through historical pictures and films, people can learn about the specific historical and cultural environment, electric power scientific knowledge of Xijin Power Plant. People can learn the scientific and technological knowledge through the close contacts with electric power production. People can also feel the charm of Guangxi's industries and learn the achievements of the hard-working labors in Guangxi. 
The Chenglu Tower was built during the Ming Dynasty, which has a history of about 430 years. The tower is 29 meters high with seven floors in an octagonal shape. It faces to the Luancheng Bridge across the Yujiang River, which is majestic and grand.
The lake area in Dushi Bay is wide, deep, clear and beautiful, with slight waves. The excellent ecological environment of the lake area is also the home of migratory birds. 

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