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Nanning Travel Season Tips

Nanning is located at southwest China, which has comparatively lower altitude and has been surrounded by mountains. Sitting at the subtropical monsoon zone, Nanning is featured with heat and abundant rainfall. Autumn is the best time to visit Nanning because it is neither too hot nor too cold. Besides, lots of activities and festivals will be held in the autumn.

Nanning’s spring is comfortable, with an average temperature of 22.0℃ in daytime and 16.0℃ at night. From February to March, the flowers blossom is quite beautiful. The Golden Camellia Park and the Flower World are the best places for photographers to take beautiful pictures and to relax. Sweaters, jackets, cotton interlock trousers, shirts are suitable for this period.

Summer in Nanning is hot and extremely wet, especially in August and September. The average maximum temperature could reach 30-38℃. It often rains in Nanning so do not forget to prepare sunglasses, hat and rain gear for the tour.

The autumn is very short. The average temperature in daytime is 20℃ and 13℃ at night, which is very comfortable. Each year from October to November is the time when Nanning holds the tourist festival, Nanning International Folk Song Festival and other large-scale tourist activities, which is also the best time to visit Nanning.

In winter, just as many other cities located in southern China, Nanning’s temperature is not that low. But if it is rains, you may need to put on thick coats. When tourists choose to visit Nanning during December and February, usually they would like to climb the Daming Mountain which sits at the suburb of Naning. The Daming Mountain is the only place in Nanning where could see snow on the Tropic of Cancer.

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