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Qibainong Scenic Area

Qibainong Scenic Area locates in Qibainong County, which is 138 kilometers away from Nanning. The scale of the scenic spot is large with many types of the tourism resources. The planned area of the scenic area is 1,300 square kilometers. It is the regional scenic area integrating the rare karst landforms, modern large-scale hydropower project landscapes and ethnic customs together. In 2009, it has been qualified as a national geopark since August 2009. 
Features of Qibainong Scenic Area
In the area of 251 square kilometers, there are more than 5,000 peaks with an altitude of 800-1000 meters. Also, there are more than 1,300 low-lying lands, which are called "nong" in the local Yao Ethnic language. The ancient and quaint Yao villages and wooden houses are scattered in 324 depressions.
The depressions in this area are the steepest, deepest and largest in the world. The karst landforms on the ground are spectacular and shocking. The large-scale and overall peak clusters are featured with the majestic and unique shapes and various layers. 
In this wonderful area, there are lots of strange, rocky and rugged rocks. Sometimes the banyan trees are intertwined with each other, interesting and amazing. 
The complex structures of the underground rivers and caves are caused by the development of underground karst landforms. The area also has a unique ecological environment. Bunu Yao, the second largest branch of the Yao ethnic group, has lived here for generations, where visitors can feel the strong ethnic customs. 
The unique landforms record the historic global changes and the evolution process of biology, mankind and society. It is the valuable natural heritage, which integrates the natural aesthetic appreciation values and high scientific research values. Therefore, the scenic area has become a main scientific research center as well as a popular science education base.

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