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Nanning Museum

Nanning Museum is located in Liangqing District, Nanning City. It is a local comprehensive museum focusing on education, display, collection and research of Nanning's historical and cultural heritages. Nanning Museum was established in July 1992. In September 2018, Nanning Museum was rated as the National Secondary Museum. 
Features of Nanning Museum
Nanning Museum has a total construction area of 30,800 square meters, including an exhibition hall area of 12,000 square meters. The architectural design of the museum is beautiful and unique with local characteristics. The shape is like a collection of the leaves, the noble and gorgeous phoenix wings or the flying feathers. The facade is made of the hollow aluminum panels and other modern materials, which are decorated with the ethnic patterns of Zhuang Ethnic people. The museum reflects the unity of modernity, regionality and nationality.
In the lobby, the art installation of “Yong” character creatively designed is displayed, which not only embodies the original meaning of the character “Yong”, but also means both artistic and functional “harmony”. The Nanning Museum is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has rich cultural and historic collections, which strives to be a first-class museum.
Nanning Museum has two special exhibition halls, two temporary exhibition halls, the VIP reception room, multi-function hall, museum restaurant, souvenir shops and other public cultural supporting facilities. Among them, the two special exhibition halls have been constructed in accordance with international first-class standards. A series of domestic and foreign boutique exhibitions there have established a new platform for Nanning to promote the domestic and international cultural exchanges.
In addition to the traditional display methods, the exhibition has made the unique breakthroughs in the integrations of content and space, cultural relics and intangible cultural heritages, the exhibition and education, and the exhibition and performance. 
The history and culture of Nanning in different periods are showed in various exhibitions. In particular, the Nanning Folk Song Art Exhibition Hall uses a combined way of exhibition and performance to increase the auditory experience in a pure visual experience space and convey the cultural connotation of the folk songs.

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