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Guangxi Nationalities Museum

Guangxi Nationalities Museum locates in Qingxiu District, Nanning City. It covers an area of 130 acres and has a total construction investment of about 250 million RMB. It is a museum dedicated to unique Guangxi ethnic cultures. Guangxi Nationalities Museum is based on the themes of collection, research and display of the traditional cultures of Guangxi’s 12 nationalities. It also has the functions of cultural research, cultural relics’ collection and publicity display of the ethnic groups in the surrounding provinces and Southeast Asia. In 2017, it was selected as the national first-class museum. 
Features of Guangxi Nationalities Museum 
Guangxi Nationalities Museum began the construction project in 2003. It covers an area of 86,600 square meters, of which the exhibition hall occupies about 8,000 square meters. It is also attached with an outdoor 40,000-square-meter exhibition area of the traditional residential buildings in Guangxi. The shape of main building is based on a bronze drum with the special ethnic characteristics. The entire building is like a giant roc flying among the green mountains and waters. 
Guangxi Nationalities Museum is an important cultural facility project as well as an educational base. It is a comprehensive ethnic cultural museum with modern facilities and equipments.
The entire museum area has five functional areas: public service area, outdoor exhibition area, cultural relics protection and research center, business and administrative management zone, and logistics service area. There are also the high-tech movie halls, multi-functional conference halls, cultural relic specimen exhibition rooms, thematic libraries and the online museums.
Main exhibitions of Guangxi Nationalities Museum 
Guangxi Ethnic Silvery Accessory Exhibition covers nearly 700 square meters. This exhibition carefully selects 200 pieces of the silvery items of the ethnic minorities of Guangxi and is divided into four parts: Miao Silvery, Dong Silvery, Yao Silvery and Zhuang Silvery. The exhibits display the cultural connotations of silvery art and craftsmanship of the ethnic people in Guangxi. Through the exhibition, people can appreciate the delicate and elegant ethnic arts so as to promote the excellent traditional ethnic culture in south China. 
Exquisite Zhuang Brocade Exhibition shows the miracle of Chinese national culture. The Zhuang brocade art became mature in Song Dynasty and prospered in Ming and Qing dynasties. The exhibition collects 80 pieces of Zhuang brocade items typically. People can enjoy and learn about the magical Zhuang cultures.
Gorgeous Garments Exhibition shows the diverse and gorgeous costumes of the ethnic groups. They add infinite colors on the Chinese garments and reflect the unique cultural features. The brilliant charm of ethnic cultures and arts in Guangxi are showed to people in a better way. 

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