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Nanning Garden Expo Park

Nanning Garden Expo Park is located in Yongning District, Nanning City. The Nanning Garden Expo Park covers an area of 263 hectares. The land in the park has the typical Lingnan style features, which include the hills, quarries, river, mines and small villages. The overall terrain varies with undulating hills, winding rivers and plentiful plants. Due to the excellent gardening conditions, it is listed as the National Cultural Relic Protection Unit.
Natural environment in Nanning Garden Expo Park
The water system in the park is divided into three major lake areas. From north to south, they are the Linglong Lake, Qingquan Lake, and Colorful Lake. Besides, the park has six unique bridges, including the Zhujin Bridge, Jinhua Bridge, Diecui Bridge, Zhizhu Bridge, Guyue Bridge and Jinxiu Bridge.
The "Eighteen Ridges" forms the mountain landscape veins through ecological restoration and landscape techniques based on the existing 18 mountains. The park has six themed exhibition parks, including China City Exhibition Park, ASEAN Park, Silk Road Park, Guangxi Park, Designers Park and Enterprise Park, with a total of 80 detailed exhibition parks.
The premium ecology in Nanning Garden Expo Park is achieved mainly through ecological protection, mine restoration and flexible planning. The original natural landscape was maintained to occupy 43.4% of the whole landscape.
The cultural features of Nanning Garden Expo Park reflect the cultural characteristics of Zhuang Ethnic people in Nanning, Southeast Asia as well as the countries along the "Belt and Road". The aspects of culture include local architectures, ethnic customs, ethnic activities, regional plants, and cultural relics. The gardens mainly focus on the creation of eight plant themed gardens, five classical visiting routes and six exquisite botanical themed gardens. 
The villages are preserved well so that the people can enjoy the beautiful rural scenery and natural. The China Garden has embodies the essence of traditional Chinese gardens and the style of modern urban gardens, reflecting the beautiful urban-rural scenery.

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