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Nanning Bridge

Nanning Bridge is a river-crossing passage connecting Qingxiu District and Liangqing District in Nanning City. It is located on the Yongjiang River. It is the main route for the southeast area to enter into the central Nanning. The bridge is the world's first large-span curved beam asymmetric outwardly inclined arch bridge. The construction of Nanning Bridge started in December 2004 and was officially put into use from September, 2009. Nanning Bridge starts from Qingshan Road in the north and connects to Pingle Avenue in the south. The main bridge is 300 meters long and 35 meters wide.
Features of Nanning Bridge
Nanning Bridge goes in a south-to-north direction. It is composed of the main bridge body, arch ribs, slings, approach bridges on both sides and the overpass ramps. 
Nanning Bridge has the unique design style and features. The arch ribs on both sides are inclined outwards. The inclination angles are different, which conforms to the linear design requirements of the curved beam and helps to remove the horizontal cross between the two arch ribs. The support and arch ribs are balanced by their own rigidity and the suspenders of the inclined road. Looking from the distance, the appearance of the suspenders looks like two butted harps.
The axis of the arch ribs on both sides is composed of catenary lines, circular curves and straight lines that conform to the arch axis. From a distance, the spine of the bridge looks like a rainbow with an elegant arc, folding and shinning in the sun. Looking from the top, the bridge is like a butterfly spreading its wings. The suspenders connecting the vault and the bridge deck are like beautiful and majestic waterfalls flowing down from a rainbow.
The completion and opening of Nanning Bridge not only adds the beautiful scenery on the Yongjiang River, but also plays an important role in alleviating the traffic pressure in Nanning City in many aspects. It also makes different districts closer in distances. 

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