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Nanning Travel Overview

Located in southern China, Nanning is the capital of Guangxi Province, or the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, which means minority ethnic groups gather there. Its name “Nanning ”means peace in southern region of China. The city of Nanning is also regarded as a green city because its ample green plants, especially foliage, can be seen almost everywhere. Due to its location, Nanning has become the hub of the vast southwestern region’s passage to the sea, and is gradually emerging as a regional and logistic center to a larger sense in southwestern China

Nanning was once the territory of the Baiyue people and became the capital of Jinxing Prefecture which was separated from Yulin Prefecture of the Eastern Jin dynasty. In the Yuan dynasty in 1324, it was renamed Nanning Lu (an administrative division) of Yongzhou Lu meaning "May peace maintain in the southern frontier", hence the name Nanning. Historically, Nanning was famous for trade, and had permanent business offices from other areas in China since the Song dynasty. In the Ming dynasty Nanning developed into the commodity distributing center of the Zuo River and the You River with the reputation of "Little Nanjing". Nanning serves as host for the annual China-ASEAN EXPO (CASEAN EXPO) which began in 2005 and was the venue for the 2006 "World Robotics Olympiad".

Nanning is home of the 21st tallest building in the People's Republic of China, the Diwang International Commerce Center, at 276 m (906 ft), currently the tallest building in Guangxi and southwestern China (excluding Chongqing). The second tallest building in Nanning is the World Trade Commerce City at 218 meters. The city currently has seven buildings taller than 100 m (330 ft), built or under construction. Nanning has many parks with tropical lush green landscape, it is one of the "greenest" cities in China, and it's known as "Green City". Nanning's downtown skyline is rapidly changing and the city is becoming an important hub in China. Recently, the government has begun a citywide beautification plan which aimed to clean up the city and improve its image. This involved curtailing the number of street-side food vendors operating without proper licenses, restricting parking in busy streets, and attempting to eliminate the number of street prostitutes that appear after dark, especially west of the city and around the railway station. The program has proved successful, eliminating both the amount of rubbish on the streets and dramatically cutting down the number of ubiquitous working girls.

Nanning also embraces many scenic spots, such as Qingxiu Mountain and Nanhu Lake Park. If you are interested in Nanning’s crafts, the Guagnxi Provincial Museum is an ideal place to get to know more. And also, the Yangmei Ancient Town is a place for tourists, especially foreign visitor, to get close to Chinese ancient culture. Because of these scenic spots and outstanding environment, Nanning attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year from home and abroad.

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