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Jinlun Cave

Jinlun Cave is located 3 kilometers northwest of Yangxu Village, Mashan County, and is 90 kilometers away from Nanning. It is the largest, deepest and longest primitive stony cave in Guangxi, with the richest karst landscapes. It is also known as one of the five natural landscapes in Guangxi. It is the National 4A Class Scenic Area. It integrates natural scenery, geological exploration and expedition to bring people unforgettable experience.
Features of Jinlun Cave
The landscape in the cave is magnificent, natural and lifelike. In the cave there is a small river that flows all the four seasons. Beautiful landscapes are reflected into the water of the river, making it a popular destination for visitors.
Jinlun Cave is worthy for a visit. The cave is about 10 kilometers long, and penetrates 12 mountains. There are many long corridors and hundreds of halls in different sizes in the cave. Among them, the largest hall is 35,000 square meters and the highest cave reaches 150 meters.
The lavas in the cave have various shapes and sizes. The various stone pillars, stone flowers, stone milk and stalagmites constitute the magnificent and amazing gallery in Jinlun Cave. Especially when strolling along the bank of the underground river in the cave, watching the reflections of the stalagmites in the water, people can feel like flying over the North Kingdom and watching the ice peaks and snowfields. This 1,500-meter-long scenery is just like a fairyland. 
Legend about Jinlun
The name of Jinlun Cave comes from the hero Wei Jinlun. Wei Jinlun's story is famous in Mashan, Wuming, Du'an and Shanglin counties. Jinlun’s face was round and ruddy when he was born, like the red sun, so his parents named him "Jinlun".
When Jinlun was six years old, he and other children in the village went to study in the cave, which he found in the mountain. One day the teacher led the students into the cave. Jinlun was attracted by the scenery in the cave and lost his way. Later, he met an immortal and got the golden robe, golden saddle, golden whip and the horned horse as gifts from the immortal. After Jinlun grew up, he became a successful officer and still cared about the people’s lives in his hometown. He often helped the people and won good reputations. 
After Jinlun’s death, he became a god to be immortal according to the legend, wearing a golden robe, holding a golden whip, straddling a golden saddle, and riding a long-horned horse. 

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