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Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley

Jiahe City Scenic Resort is located in Xinghe District, Nanning City. It is the National 4A Class Scenic Area. The large-scale scenic resort mainly includes Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley, golf course and luxury hotels. A lot of people come here regularly to enjoy in the hot springs. 
Introduction of Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley 
The total investment of Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley is about 500 million RMB. The hot spring valley was built in the first phase of the construction project, covering an area of 600 acres. It was designed aiming to create a complete and large-scale hot spring center to allow people to enjoy the essence of famous hot springs from all over the world.
Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley is a place of relaxation and healing, which blends the different styles of multiple countries. It is a complete leisure destination with hot springs, dining and lodging. The facilities in the valley mainly include the various hot spring pools, the swimming pool, the water theme park, and so on. 
Each hot spring pool in the park has different size and is designed based on characteristics of different countries. There are currently four main hot spring areas, including the China zone, Thailand zone, as well as the Finland and Japan zones with steam baths. People could appreciate different hot springs designs and cultures of different countries. The water in the valley is very clear, containing many types of trace elements and mineral salts.
In the water theme park, you can play the exciting water games and also appreciate the authentic indigenous performances. 
Colorful Jiahe City
In summer, Jiahe City has various food night market festivals integrating food, picking, sightseeing and leisure together. Relying on local resources and special local characteristics, the festivals show people the exotic style of Jiahe City. Some local folk activities can also be explored in the resort, such as topping, climbing poles, throwing hydrangea, winter swimming, dragon boat racing, and grabbing fireworks.

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