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Dawangtan Reservoir

Dawangtan Reservoir Scenic Area is located in Liangqing District, 28 kilometers south of the suburbs of Nanning City. The scenic area is built based on the Dawangtan Reservoir. It is known for its beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, as well as the magnificent modern water conservancy projects. It is known as the "back garden" of Nanning, which is listed as one of the Top Ten scenic spots in Nanning for tourists.
Main attractions at Dawangtan Reservoir Scenic Area
Dawangtan Reservoir is located at the foot of the beautiful Phoenix Ridge. It was constructed in 1958 and completed in 1960. The reservoir hub has a 670-meter-long and 38-meter-high main dam, and 10 auxiliary dams, with a total storage capacity of 638 million cubic meters. The water storage area occupies for 38 square kilometers. After years of the construction, today's Dawangtan Reservoir has been built into a large-scale reservoir integrating flood control, irrigation, power generation, and tourism together.
In the past, the river passing through Phoenix Ridge and Maotou Mountain formed the steep canyon and dangerous rivers. In order to pray for good harvest and the safety of the ships passing by, the Dawang Temple was built next to the canyon. The water in the area has good vegetation and good water quality without pollution, which is recognized as one of the good water sources in Nanning. 
The islands are dotted in the lake including more than ten landscapes, floating or sinking, looming or appearing. Dawangtan is rich in subtropical fruit trees such as lychee, longan, banana, pineapple and reservoir fish. It is suitable for the leisure tour all year round. 
Fenghuang Lake has the vast water surface; the water is clear and blue, as transparent and clean as a mirror. The water is sparkling and colorful surrounded by the green hills. Especially at dusk, the golden sunshine shows a different style on the beautiful lake. At this time, the lake seems to be wrapped in a layer of gold. The breeze blows over the lake, stirs up the golden ripples, presenting a magnificent scene. The beauty of Fenghuang Lake also attracts many photography amateurs coming here to shoot fascinating photos.

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